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Our Mission

South Woking Action Group represents local residents and football fans from Hoe Valley and Mayford neighbourhoods and beyond. We seek to work with Woking Football Club, Woking Borough Council and developers to find an optimal solution to future-proof the Football Club. But not to the detriment of the local area, in terms of overdevelopment and unsustainable pressure on local infrastructure and services.

See more representations of the Cardinal Court Proposal.

Fund Raising Campaign

South Woking Action Group needs your help to fund our campaign against the 9k capacity stadium and 1053 flats they are going to build to fund it, as well as 45 houses on the green belt at Egley Road.

You donation will help fund the printing of leaflets, posters, car stickers and also importantly – independent legal advice and expert advice.

Anything you have do to help fund our campaigns will be gratefully appreciated.


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Latest News

100% of the General Election candidates for the Woking constituency when asked expressed strong reservations and concerns about the stadium redevelopment

Government Inspector examines Woking Stadium Site

Have your say, join the conversation:facebooktwitterWoking Chairman dismisses claims that club will go underA public inquiry is currently underway by the Planning Inspectorate to examine Woking Councils overall housing development plans (DPD) for the area.  Part of...

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