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Goldev Woking have now formally submitted two planning applications see below for Kingfield Road and also at Egley Road.

Please help ensure the Council and it’s planning committee make the RIGHT decision for the residents of South Woking and the borough at large, by recognizing that this particular proposal is not in our best interest, as required under section 114 of Council Act 1972.

We welcome investment in Woking FC and the regeneration of the area but in-line with local policy, the character of the area, and the right priority….people before private developer profit.

You can search for the two applications on Woking Borough Council website using the references below:


PLAN/2019/1176 Kingfield Road
PLAN/2019/1177 Egley Road

How to object  (before deadline of March 16th)

When submitting an objection it is best to avoid focusing upon matters like those listed below as these are not valid grounds for raising a planning application and will be ignored by the officers and planning committee:

  • Loss of property value
  • Loss of view
  • Matters covered by other legislation
  • Covenants and bylaws
  • The applicant
  • Market competition

Focus on grounds for valid objection such as the following (we will update this section by Monday 16th with planning policies which are contradicted)

  1. Height and density of housing
  2. Design and visual impact
  3. Loss of amenity
  4. Loss of privacy, overshadowing, light
  5. Flooding

We have provided a full guide to detailed reasons for objection in our downloadable guide.

Detailed Objection Guide

Download our 15 page objection guide (pdf)

Objection Letter template

Download our objection letter template (MS Word)

Other actions

Once you have sent it your objections then feel free to let the members of the WBC Planning Committee know that you are not happy. Contact them below:

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Take Action Now!

Click on the link to submit a template objection by email. This will launch in your own mail email software if you have it installed.

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