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Our Original Mission

South Woking Action Group represents local residents and football fans from Hoe Valley and Mayford neighbourhoods and beyond who are concerned and object to the proposed tower block development proposed at the site of Woking Fooball club.

We seek to work with Woking Football Club, Woking Borough Council and developers to find an optimal solution to future-proof the Football Club. But not to the detriment of the local area, in terms of overdevelopment and unsustainable pressure on local infrastructure and services.

Update #1: In June 2021, the Planning Committee of Woking Borough Council agreed with our objections and voted to reject the proposed development.  Read more here: https://southwokingactiongroup.org.uk/2020/06/26/statement-from-swag-regarding-the-refusal-decison-by-wbc-planning-committee/

Update #2: GolDev decided to appeal the rejection. SWAG will be attending and making representation at the appeal hearing by the planning inspectorate.

See more representations of the Cardinal Court Proposal.

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Misconceptions vs Facts – the SWAG response!

Local residents support investment in Woking FC and its ground, however, we do not support the overdevelopment of South Woking and the proliferation of PR ‘spin’ being used to sway football fans and residents of Woking at large.

Planning applications 1176 and 1177 at Kingfield and Egley Road are not in the best interests of the town, the local community and Woking FC, which may sadly, never recover, because of the following facts.

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